Why Hashtag on Instagram?

Why Hashtag on Instagram?




Let’s start with the basics. A hashtag is a tool to brand or ‘tag’ a post in a certain way. If you are posting something regarding studio time, you might use #studiotime (community of 64k currently). It puts that post in a pool of similar posts that can be searched easily by any user. The question usually is, “WHAT DO I TAG?” . . . .



Community tags are usually a large audience with a specific theme like #chicagomusic or #musiclife. This will get your posts in a community of like-minded users and likely expand your reach. You can find these by simply searching on Instagram under “Tags”. Researching this is very important. You don’t want to use a tag with a low community, but also may not want to use the most popular tag either to avoid being overlooked. Find the middle ground with the most engagement (comments, likes). Experiment a little and switch up the tags for every post, you don’t want to get into a habit of using the same tags every time.



While #CommunityTags will help grow your audience, #BrandedTags will help shape your brand to your existing audience. Start your own campaign around a new release or event to bring awareness and increase engagement from your fans. Encourage your community to tag your #NewReleaseTitle in a post for a chance to win tickets or a merch package. Be creative and see what sticks.



By now you should have about 10-30 tags for a single post with a mixture of branded and community tags. I would recommend you keep a log of these in either notes app or a spreadsheet like Excel or Numbers. You will want it to be accessible via mobile device for easy copy and paste into Instagram. Tagging can be time-consuming so you will want to find ways to speed up the process.



Keep in mind the goal isn’t to find 30 HUGE tags with millions of posts, or to use irrelevant tags. For the best results, you want to stay in that middle ground where the engagement is high but the posts aren’t TOO high. Do you remember the story of Goldilocks & the 3 bears? Not too cold, and not too hot? You want the tags right in the middle when it comes to size of the community. Try to limit to 3-5 HUGE tags like #music #rockmusic.


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