Featured Artist: JETPACK HOTLINE


The alternative-electro group, known as Jetpack Hotline is staking their claim on Chicago. They are dedicated to pushing out singles as much as possible for their fans, and their latest release, “OK” (ft. Jiji) is just the beginning of the groups release plan. They put a new and unique spin on each single that they write; from blues guitar, to screams, to bass drops, sky is the limit with their writing.Follow them on Spotify^ to stream now!


Most well known for their high-energy performances, the band has limited themselves to playing out for the time being, but will be back on stage very soon with a new and improved live show. Check out their headlining debut at SOHO Music Festival in Springfield,IL in 2016:

After cutting their teeth in the Chicago punk rock scene, Mike Spinelli and Randy Daniels decided to combine forces and up the ante. No idea was off limits. EDM, Hip Hop, blues guitar solos, heavy breakdowns, dancing robots…whatever came to their mind. The idea was just to push the envelope and have fun. In 2012, they posted a few tracks on Soundcloud, and immediately started to gain a following. They built up their own studio, committed their time, and founded Jetpack Hotline. It’s an ambitious sonic experience that has taken them on a wild ride. Their live show took form after buying up a bunch of lasers and finding two badass guys to hit the stage with them, Dan robb on bass and joe precup on drums.