Social Media is the New Television

Social Media is the New Television
I know with all of the tasks on your plate, posting on social media usually isn’t at the top of the list. But I am here to tell you that it should be. Social media is the direct portal to your fans. They use it to stay up to date with your music and what you are up to on a daily basis. Believe it or not, it is replacing television, so all the more reason to make sure your brand is “on air” on Instagram.

Social media is the new television.

It is no secret that television viewership is decreasing while social media users are skyrocketing. Instead of families gathering around the latest episode of American Idol or Seinfeld, they have their own personal devices and they’re scrolling through Facebook and checking their Instagram stories, it is the reality.

Instead of mourning the loss of TV, how can you use this to stay relevant?

Staying relevant.

The answer is simple here; post more and post smarter. Just as the ritual of watching your favorite tv show airing at 6 pm was effective, so is social media engagement.

Begin to create a routine of when you post, how often you post and keep the content interesting. Posting smarter simply means focusing on posts that will bring your fans value and/or appreciate.

The more you post, on your story, for example, the more possibility you have of your fans seeing it. Then once they start watching it more, the Instagram algorithm will kick in and it will offer it to them more at the top of their feed. A.K.A. you are building a ritual for them. Don’t lose this momentum.

Keep it organic.

The key is to stay genuine with all of your posts. Your fans don’t want to keep seeing your new song or video, or the next show you have coming up. Those are sales pitches. Nurture the relationship first by showing them who you are, giving away things, and providing genuine value.

Talk soon.