Welcome to IGTV for Musicians

Welcome to IGTV for Musicians

Welcome to IGTV for Musicians

So Instagram just dropped a major release on us today, IGTV, which is their version of YouTube. But there is a twist, it’s all vertical video based. What?! I know right? But we all knew this was coming, Instagram has been training us to shoot in vertical video format with Instagram stories all along. Well, this new feature is cool but the question is how can it impact musicians? I want to give you a very quick rundown of this new feature and then discuss ways it can help boost your career and your overall music brand.


Watch Instagram’s commercial for IGTV below.

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Long form video – The major takeaway from this new platform is the ability to create a long-form video. Before, Instagram limited the video time to 1 min. With IGTV you can now upload 10 min videos (and up to 1-hour depending on your account size). This will allow you to upload the same type of video you would have uploaded onto YouTube, now onto your Instagram.

No AD’s….yet – Another great feature (right now) is that there are no ads! Instagram mentioned they wanted to create an amazing user experience before they started implementing advertisements. This is the time to strike then. You too should focus on creating a great user experience for your fans by getting them hooked to a brand new platform while there are no annoying ads. Because I assure you, the ads will come eventually.

Three Categories – When you first open the app there are 3 major sections to choose from at the bottom, “For You, Following, and Popular”

  • For You – a collection of videos that Instagram thinks you would enjoy. Its a mixture of your friends and the Instagram algorithm at work based on what you’ve watched before.
  • Following – all of your followers IGTV channels will be here. If they follow you on IG, then they also follow your IGTV channel!
  • Popular – videos that are trending on the platform. You will see a lot of celebrity videos, trending viral videos, and more. It’s a good channel to peek at to see whats trending.



“Another platform for videos, great but how do I utilize this as a musician?” Let me shoot off a couple examples that you might use IGTV to grow your music career.


Cover videos – Is an acoustic guitar a part of your brand? Then create some cover videos and exclusively release them on your IGTV channel. This is a great way to create a buzz around a talent of yours and making it exclusive to this new platform helps leverage your already growing IG page.

Gear reviews – Are you a gearhead? Create longer videos where you test and review various pieces of gear. This is a great way to weave your other passions into your music and brand. Remember to tag the gear you are reviewing and still utilizing the hashtags.

Discuss your new project – Just talk! Make videos of you breaking down the lyrics of certain songs or the meaning behind the writing. You could even do a walkthrough of how you created it if you are a producer. Sometimes your fans just want to hear from you about politics, worldview, or even your opinion on the new Kanye album. get creative and don’t over think it.

Share your music videos – With a bit of editing you can make your horizontal videos into portrait mode videos and release the full videos on IGTV! This is just another way new fans could find your music. You can even put your videos through a couple other applications to add text on the bottom and top to create a totally new experience (adding lyrics, etc).

Acoustic versions – Are you a pop or hip-hop artist? Grab your friend with a guitar and create a stripped down version of your songs for IGTV. It shakes things up with your artistry and again gives IGTV exclusive versions of your tracks.

Shenanigans – Just be yourself. We have a client that not only creates amazing rock n roll music, but they also do crazy and ridiculous things with their friends like chasing raccoons, burning old furniture, and getting drunk and playing pranks. use this as the TV Channel of your life.


Social Media is the New Television and this is your T.V. station. Experiment with different ideas and see what works the best. But most of all, jump on this trend. When a new feature is released, the majority of users won’t post anything on it. Be the minority and actually post content to give yourself an edge.

I am really excited to see what you all create, and I encourage you to tag @artistcollect & myself @ac_evan on IG so we don’t miss it!


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