Instagram Growth Program - Artist Collective



Finding Your Audience.

We will be working with you to find your ideal audience online. What other pages do they visit? What other brands do they correlate with?


Driving Traffic to You.

Then we drive those fans directly to your page for you to convert them to followers with your content.


Staying Engaged with your SuperFans.

You will be provided with up to date advice on how to engage with your new audience, important changes to Instagram, and new ways to build your empire.

Want to hear from other artists?

Austin Fillmore - 14.4k

"Evan knows his shit! Since being on the Instagram Growth Program my follower count has increased, yes. But more importantly, it has helped me create real relationships that has transformed my follower count to SuperFans.

These fans message me daily, stream my music, join my IG Live's, and come to my shows.

Evan also sends me weekly tips that have helped increase my Instagram knowledge.This program is worth every penny!"  

The Kid Fraze - 14.1k

“Since Evan and the Artist Collective team has helped manage my social media, my presence has grown significantly! Over the last few months, I’ve gained around 9K actively engaged followers! 

Evan’s work has not only helped my online following, but it's also translated to show attendance as well. 

I’m very grateful for the work Artist Collective has put in on my behalf and look forward to continued success with the team.” 

Vibe Queen - 7.2k

" Not only did I see incredible growth with my following, I've been able to make real and lasting relationships with other like minded peeps. 

Evan and his team bring a following of people that actually become fans of YOU and your brand. I've gotten DM's from people wanting to come to my shows, collaborate and hear more about what I do.

 Evan gave me back my time, something you can't put a price tag on. Nothing beats real people with real interest in what you have to share as an artist. Thank you Artist Collective!"

Verzatile - 11.3k

" Without the help of Artist Collective and The Instagram Growth Program, it would have taken us years to build a large following on Instagram. 

In just a year and a half, we went from roughly 600 followers to 10.5k! And they’re real people who engage with our content, DM us frequently, and come out to our shows.  

More importantly, automating that piece of our social media brand frees up an incredible amount of time and allows us to focus on what matters most to us - MUSIC! Thank you Evan and Artist Collective, we’re eternally grateful!"

What you can expect from the program:

Find Your Super-Fans

We will find your group of super-fans. Super-fans are those that fully believe in your brand and message as a whole. If you can locate 1000 of them, you will start to see real change.

More Eyes on Your Page

By interacting with the right people on Instagram, we increase your online footprint. This results in an increase in enthusiastic new fans to your page.

Real Growth

The result of this program will be more followers, likes, views, and comments from people who truly like your brand! No FAKE fans here.

Insta-Tips For Musicians

Instagram is always changing. We will make sure you are caught up with the best ways to optimize your posts that come straight from our owners & marketing gurus.

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