Featured Artist: Oblio and Arrow

Featured Artist: Oblio and Arrow



If you’re looking for the perfect album to drive across the country to, look no further. Oblio and Arrow has the diverse, complex, hopeful sound perfect for those various transitions in life. Whether it’s the soundtrack to your road trip or the soundscape of your day, their new album “Steps” is sure to affect you. With soaring harmonies and fantastic character heavy lead vocals, the American style band touches all sorts of sub genres.

Song by song, the attack changes, with layered percussion and sing along harmonic vocal riffs. The constant push and pull speaks to the emotion of each song and the general feel of the album is hope, and moving forward.   The vocals on the new album are noticeably raw. This is partially due to the DIY approach to recording the album, doing much of the album in-house. This is also because each individual voice on the recordings is wildly different and brings a different element of character to each section. Then, to throw a whole different element into the mix, experimental guitar sneaks in during chant sections, adding a new flavor to the recipe.



Fans of Beck, Coldplay, The Lumineers or Bob Dylan would love the ambient, driven sounds of Oblio and Arrow. Scratch that. Fans of real music with real instruments and thoughtful melodies will love this album. With a foundation of the acoustic strokes of singer songwriter and the complex layers of harmonies, “Steps” will be a great addition to your feel-good playlists.  Oblio and Arrow is Matthew Kopecky, Michael Krieglstein, Jenna Heerdt, Emily Douglas, and Zack Darce. Much of the album was done in-house, mixed over several months by Michael Krieglstein and Matthew Kopecky and mastered by Jonathan Alvin.



See the band LIVE at Cubby Bear Wrigleyville on March 18th,2017 – –  CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS