Featured Artist: Everything Turned to Color

Featured Artist: Everything Turned to Color


I’m a sucker for vocal-centric music. Bill Withers recorded this way, creating anthems and sing-alongs that have withstood the test of time. I truly believe the bold vocal approach is a huge reason why tunes like “Lean on Me” and “Use Me” have been so iconic. Everything Turned to Color shows that this idea stands true. The first time my ears were tickled by the gorgeous vocals of the band was a song entitled “When You Wish Me There” on their Soundcloud. Immediately, the forward, amplified vocals stood out to me. It’s ambitious and bold and very easy to screw up in the studio and live, alike. But the song’s jazzy laid back guitar and staccato island vibes immediately had my toe tapping. The joyous sounding tune immediately had my girlfriend bobbing her head to the beat and it seemed like a soundtrack to a good day coming.




Not only are the tunes atmospherically uplifting, but the subtle jazz licks will keep any musician or instrumental lover very interested to listen. The sentimental value of the song can’t be understated, as it is dedicated to Bryan’s son and daughter, illustrating the love a parent feels for their child. The combination of quality and emotion is one of the beauties of music and the art of pairing the two is not lost on this band. So now, I know the hardest part is done. I like ‘em. They’ve got great recordings, uplifting vibes with super tight harmonies and high quality vocals. So it’s time to research them. A quick jaunt over to everythingturnedtocolor.com and I’m super impressed to see that they are a simple trio with an alternative rock background.



Bryan and Kyle Weber are brothers, both graduating New York University and boom! They’re the creators of the DIY tour booking site IndieOnTheMove.com which I’ve used extensively to route dates all over the country. Now I’m really excited. They’re tech savvy graduates with a serious knack for music and booking. They sound like my kind of people. Now, I have to know who is behind the sultry female jazz vocals! Her name is Neha Jiwrajka, her mother is a classically trained Hindustani singer and she left tech giant Google in San Francisco, CA to pursue her jazz singing career. Bryan first met Neha in the lobby of their Brooklyn apartment complex and writing workshops including his brother Kyle quickly ensued. Now, with their trio getting tighter, writing more tunes, with a Beatles meets Ella Fitzgerald-esque sound, they started to secure dates at notable venues including Rockwood Music Hall, World Cafe Live, Club Passim, and Daryl’s House, to name a few.


Now, teaming up with musician/producer and founder of #IRespectMusic, Blake Morgan to create the eleven song LP, entitled “Life Imagined” (to be released on 06 23 17), the trio plans to tour extensively. Being the creators of one of the most successful tour management websites, it makes sense, right? They carry with them an LP filled with heartfelt melodies and lyrics that “dive deep into the fragility and innocence of childhood, the significance of enduring friendship, and the inevitable moments of love and loss that haunt us all.” These are all themes that we can all relate to. I look very forward to this release and will continue to play “When You Wish Me There” on repeat until then! Enjoy and stay tuned! Lineup: Neha Jiwrajka – vocals, piano, ukulele  Bryan Weber – vocals, acoustic guitar Kyle Weber – vocals, electric guitar