Featured Artist: Emily Blue

Featured Artist: Emily Blue



As Emily Blue’s new single release “Blackberries” launches, my eyes close and I’m taken to a coastal drive with the top down. Harps, guitars, piano tones and a sense of optimism combine to create a soundscape of good feels. Her unapologetic brand of classic pop shows its flexibility with, distorted instrumental licks reminiscent of 808’s and Heartbreak or The Neighbourhood. Paired with pleasant lyrics and clever recording techniques, this radio-ready single literally had this Foo Fighters-obsessed writer bobbing his head. There’s no reason this shouldn’t be the soundtrack to some happy-go-lucky Wes Anderson montage with colorful scenery and beaming smiles to fully complement it. With elements of Lana Del Rey, Sara Bareilles, and the catchiness of Bruno Mars, this song is destined to tickle the eardrums of people all over the country.


An a capella vocal beat rings out as the song as “Rico Acid” begins and I’m pleasantly confused. Its name is well-suited; it diverts from the typical path that a pop song would take with an uneasy “acidic” element. Ambient chords blanket the song as the synth tones and sound effects pull the listener in and out of a musical trance. Just as I was getting invested, the song abruptly ends and a sense of pride for how clever this artist is overwhelms me. With a grin, I decide that I am now a fan of Emily Blue.


Emily Blue is a workhorse in the music industry, fronting two other prolific Indie groups in the Central Illinois Area. Her influence has spread across the internet after her nonprofit release of “Another Angry Woman” which tackled the idea of womanhood and the current climate of rape culture. This record was incredibly well-received and was featured in Chicago Tribune, Huffington Post, Atwood Magazine, NPR Illinois, among others.

Though her other projects are largely successful, it would seem that her newest singles on her solo side of her career are looking to be her best. Whether it’s the peppy optimism of “Blackberries” or the acidic trance of “Rico Acid,” Emily Blue’s new singles are sure to please you. Follow her social media outlets found below and be on the lookout for this release, as these singles sure to be on everyone’s playlist (preview singles below). Get to know her now, and you’ll be able to grin and say you “knew her when”…

See her LIVE at Emporium Arcade Bar – Wicker Park on March 2nd – FREE ENTRY

Chicago pop sensation, Emily Blue will be releasing her dual-single #BubbleGumAcidPop Thursday, March 2nd with  a release show at Emporium Arcade bar in Wicker Park with harpist Yomi, hip hop duo Mother Nature, and Elton Aura.



Written by Vinnie Hines


Photo by Chloe Rose Photography

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