Featured Artist: The Clowder

Featured Artist: The Clowder


“The Clowder” may not be some new-fangled slang the kiddos are using today to shorten the monotonously way we’ve said “Clam Chowder”. However, these cats are serving up some deliciously mysterious funk-rock. This trio is taking the Chicago scene by storm, so Artist Collective is happy to do you a solid, and introduce you!



The Clowder is an alternative blues rock band started back in 2013 in Elgin, IL. According to TripAdvisor, the best thing to do in Elgin, is go to the local library. So when these guys weren’t knee-deep in some exciting Elgin book-reading, they were crafting tunes. Frank Liston, the lead guitarist and singer got together with drummer Bobby Gancarz and decided to revisit the back catalog of Frank’s original music. This proved to work beautifully, and they brought on Jason Kilgore to play bass. With his metal drumming background, he added a very interesting element to the newfound trio.

This group found themselves developing an interesting fusion of sounds comparable to classic blues rock with a smattering of 90’s grunge influences. “Little Kids” is a perfect example of a Weezer-like opening turned alternative pre-chorus and then back into a groove with high tempo drums reminiscent of early Sublime. Long story short, they do a lot with a little. Few three pieces are so tight or harmonic. Original songwriting combined with a high energy performance makes these guys a potent rock and roll force.


Their newest sounds seems to weave in and out of dark jazzy grooves and chug-like distorted guitar in a way this writer hasn’t heard all too often. Their tagline is perfect: “Funky Mystery Music”.  You could easily slip these musicians into a playlist with Prince and Led Zeppelin. In fact, their cover of “Raspberry Beret” is one of the best we have heard.

With the release of their debut album and their new partnership with Artist Collective, these cats are bound for greatness. Their original fusion of dark blues grooves and funky alternative influences is sure to please a super wide group of fans. Catch them at The Cubby Bear March 31st to see the mysterious funk in person!


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