Gain SuperFans with Instagram

Gain SuperFans with Instagram

Why  Instagram?

We at Artist Collective absolutely love Instagram! Not because of all of the Insta-models or foodie pics, but because it is an incredible platform to build a music career from. The interface is not built around witty statuses like Facebook, or short blips like Twitter. Instead, Instagram focuses in on content gold like photos and videos. Luckily for us, they are still currently running under an ad-free system that can be grown easily. Careers have been built on the back of a strong Instagram following and I’ve seen it. The incredible networking and fanship opportunities we see on a daily basis prove that your next “big break” could just be a couple comments away.


Instagram  SuperFans.

If you follow my Instatips Newsletter or follow me on Instagram already, you know I love to talk a lot about “SuperFans”. It has been proven time and time again that a small number of dedicated fans can facilitate an incredibly successful career. We are talking about the individuals that are the ideal fans for you that will be deeply invested in the lifestyle you bring to the table. I’m talking about those fans that comment on every post, tune in for schedule Live Streaming and generally engage because those are the folks that will buy the next single. I’m asked all the time, “How do I get there on Instagram? How do I create a brand for my artistry? How do I find and cultivate these superfans and turn them to customers?” The answer is simple: First, you must determine who you’re really targeting.

Who  are  you  targetting?

To identify your target audience, there’s a certain amount of honest self-awareness and introspection that needs to happen. In order to find the essance of your “brand” you need to start asking yourself about the message you represent and spread, the way you’re perceived online and otherwise, and is it authentic to who I am? To find the answers, break down the following-

1) What is your target audience?

2) Where and on what does my target audience spend their time and money?

3) How do we reach this ideal SuperFan?

I start this discovery by having clients list their favorite things; favorite artists, tv shows, brands of alcohol, public figures, colors, artwork, other passions, anything that they enjoy. More often than not, those are the exact types of people your music and your “brand” are attempting to target, starting with those folks that are like you. I call this the “Passion List”. This begins the conversation of finding your target audience and the angles needed to reach them. All of this is branding!


Branding  on  Instagram.

Branding isn’t a logo or a fancy website. It is the culture you build around yourself and your music. Once you develop a target audience discussed earlier, you can start to create content that directly speaks to them. The pages that you see with skyrocketing numbers are doing this, and they are obviously doing it very well!

If you are a rock band that enjoys leather jackets, cheap beer, and watching Sons of Anarchy, I think you have a good picture in your head of your target audience. Creating content that speaks heavily to those types of things will speak volumes to the new fans coming to your pages. It creates a genuine connection with them and they can relate to you. The strategy-backed content you can now post paired with a few insider tools will create a rush of new SuperFans that have been waiting for you!

Monetizing Instagram.

The word “Instafamous” rings across every news platform almost more than “millenial” these days and that’s because there are more ways than every to make Instagram a huge source of income. Artists can obviously use their Instagram pages to sell merchandise, spread the word about new releases, and reach new heights of ticket sales, but it goes deeper than that. Once you’ve identified your core audience you can begin to customize your products and services, booking pitches, etc and make waves. For example, I mentioned a biker crowd previously and I’ve seen bands create custom airbrushed motorcycle helmets that sold like wildfire at their events. This is free, badass PR and is much more memorable than a sticker and a coozy.

A lot of folks don’t even know that at 10k followers, the option to swipe up in IG Stories opens the floodgate to daily promotion to ANY link you’d like. Redirecting your newly acquired SuperFans to things like your upcoming Kickstarter, your email list, tour dates, ticketing sites, etc, you can further optimize your efforts, reaching the masses quickly.

Driving  Traffic  to  your  Instagram.

The single greatest tool for any up and coming artist is our Instagram Growth Package. This program is strategically handled by Artist Collective’s marketing team and myself to guarantee conversions of your ideal fans. Yes, your numbers will skyrocket, but even more important, you will begin to find and create SuperFans along the way that will be the backbone of your success. However, it’s much more than simply automation. Artist Collective also provides weekly up-to-the-minute app updates, Pro Tips, walkthroughs, and insights that we’ve collected and created over nearly a decade of artist development. These incredible tools are created and delivered personally by myself, Evan Price, the CEO of Artist Collective. We have taken the tools that labels and radio greedily have kept to themselves for years and we’re eager to give them to artists all over the country. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to supercharge your social media and reach new heights of success!

I’m so desperate for artists of all types to try our new program, I’m giving away the first month for free! 30 Days of our incredible program on me. Let me show you the impact it can have on your career and sign up today!

Instagram  Growth  Program

We have developed an amazing program created for independent artists just like you. Our Instagram Growth Program interacts with the right audience which converts them into followers. Transforming these new followers into SuperFans is the key. The program also gives you weekly tips, walkthroughs, and insights that we have developed with our full-time clients that come directly from me, Evan Price (Founder of Artist Collective), so you can ensure you have a page full of SuperFans!

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