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Getting artists

back to the music.

a music management organization created to get artists back to the music.

Artist Collective will manage your time effectively with the goals to evolve your hobby into a business, relieve the stress of juggling creative and business tasks, expand your knowledge of this competitive industry, and create long-lasting business relationships with key individuals to further your career; getting you back to the music.

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In addition to full management, we offer project management to artists who need assistance with a project or two. We’ll help formulate the plan for your next big move. Including the release of an upcoming album, finding you a studio to record in, a graphic designer to bring your artwork vision to life, planing a release party, or a music video to boost your newest single.

Whatever your needs are, Artist Collective can help. With contacts in all areas of the creative business, we can complete the project while keeping your budget in mind. Our project manager will oversee all aspects of the project; from the initial plan, to correlating schedules, even developing the strategy to turn your project into a paycheck. See below some of the possible projects we could help you in.

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